How do you find a real estate brokerage?

As a real estate agent, how do you find the brokerage that is a good fit for you? What qualities do you look for? We believe that honesty, transparency, teamwork, and enjoyment should be at the top of that list — and that is exactly what Nuvill is founded on. We believe that when an agent loves the work they do and the environment they’re in, it overflows into every avenue of their lives. This is what helps create such a unique culture at Nuvill. We love what we do, the people we work with, and we want you to join our team!

If you are looking for a brokerage that exemplifies a healthy culture, with a honest reputation — look no further. Nuvill Real Estate is a one-of-a-kind of brokerage in that we pride ourselves in our team approach. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed. Are you ready?

Who is Nuvill?

In 2018, Richie decided to create the brokerage he wished he could find. He established Nuvill Real Estate with one goal in mind — to do real estate differently. That meant creating a counterculture of how real estate is done elsewhere.

From the beginning, Richie was dedicated to focus on people more than profit. This work ethic naturally created a safe and honest environment for each client that he came into contact with. As a result, Nuvill Real Estate quickly became one of the most trusted, successful agencies in Colorado Springs.

Since then, Richie’s team has grown and flourished and continues to uphold Nuvill’s key concepts: Culture. Community. Commitment. Nuvill’s team of dedicated and honest individuals has helped Nuvill evolve into what it is today. The only thing missing is you.


What Makes Us Unique

We are people-focused. Before any contract, any sale, any purchase — we are interested in first establishing trust and relationship with each of our clients. The same is true with our agents. We intentionally work hard to ensure that the way we work is warm and personal, not cold and corporate.

We believe that success is defined by how well our agents are supported and how well our clients are treated. The relationship between agent and client is far more valuable than making a “sale”—and it is because of that standard that our clients walk away from a sale or purchase and continue to refer Nuvill to friends and family, or use us again in the future. To us, our reputation and care for our people is more important than financial success.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your place here at Nuvill. The working relationship goes both ways, so if you have any questions or would like further information our brokerage, we’d love to talk with you!

Benefits to Working with Us

In addition to working in an exciting, healthy culture with amazing team members, we also offer our agents other excellent benefits.

 Personal 1:1 Coaching

You will have ongoing, individual coaching available to you. We never want you to feel alone or have to solve a problem on your own. As a Nuvill team member, you will have the support and guidance you need every step of the way.

 Garunteed Vetted Leads

We will do the work to ensure you get real, qualified leads.

  People Focused, Not Corporate-Minded

Our goal is to help you succeed as an agent and enjoy what you do. That means we focus on our people over everything else. You are not a number to us.

 Free Marketing Materials

We offer professional headshots, business cards, and industry-leading marketing materials to help ensure your success.

 No Desk Fees for New Agents

No desk fees for the first 3 months of new agents!

 Bonus for First Closing Within 3 Months

We reward your hard work! If you make buy or sell within the first 3 months, you get an additional bonus!

 Fair Commission Splits

Our top priority at Nuvill is to produce top notch, efficient, and professional Realtors in our community. The way we feel like we can do that is through our fair and structured commission plan, that guarantees strong supervision and coaching for new agents that produces proficient real estate professionals. Once the plan is completed you earn 100% commission throughout your career with Nuvill.