Selling Your Home? 

Let us sell your home fast! We use industry-leading methods to sell your home quickly and get the most profit possible. We handle everything necessary, including listing your home on all national platforms, showing appointments, open houses, contracts, fast closing dates, and negotiating the best offer for your sale.

The Nuvill Difference

The difference of using Nuvill

Why Choose to List with An Agency

You will make more profit on your sale.

A 2020 study conducted by the National Association of Realtors showed homes sold through realtors included 27% more profit than those without.

Agents have access to larger networks.

When you sell your home through a realtor, you will have access to list your home in more places. In addition to listing your home on the MLS, agents will list your home on different websites and marketing platforms. Some realtors also have large private networks that they will use to get the most exposure of your home.

You are covered legally.

There are many legal pitfalls included in selling your home. One of the risks is taking liability for seller disclosures. Agents will know the areas to mention now to avoid any headaches later. If not disclosed correctly, the seller will be legally liable for anything that was not mentioned prior to the sale.

Agents handle the gritty work.

One thing you will immediately realize when selling a home is the amount of gritty work that is required. This includes negotiating the highest profit deal with buyers and their agents. It also includes vetting and eliminating unqualified buyers. These are areas that sellers quickly see the benefit of hiring an experienced agent.

Agents know how to prepare and assess your home.

Knowing how to present your home takes knowledge and expertise. Having an agent bring outside perspective to arrange your home for the highest appeal is something to not underestimate. Agents can also find simple fixes and improvements to improve your staging and increase the final sale price of your home.

Many agents will not show their clients for sale by owner.

Many buyer’s agents know the hassle that comes with For Sale By Owner and will not show the home unless there is a professional representative. Your traffic—and ultimately the amount of offers—will be reduced when deciding to sell by owner.

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